Arm Lift

What Is An Arm Lift?

Arm lift operation is an aesthetic operation applied to eliminate sagging occurring in the arms. Especially in women over middle age and sagging arms that arise due to excess weight loss causes people to feel bad and not like themselves. That, in turn, causes various psychological problems. Arm sagging, which is among the most common body deformations in women and men today, can have different causes besides gaining and losing excess weight. These are inherited traits and elements, such as aging. The arm lift operation’s primary goal is to thin the arm and make the arm have a much more stretched, tight appearance. If you also have sagging and various deformations in your arms, you can quickly get rid of this look with an arm lift operation.

How Is Arm Lift Operation Performed?

The aesthetic operation in question can be performed under general or local anesthesia. After anesthesia is applied to the patient, an L-shaped incision is made.  After this incision is made, excess adipose tissue in the arm is removed. In some cases, the patient’s arm may not have adipose tissue. In this case, only excess skin is taken, or fat can be injected. Liposhaping is applied so that the arm has a much more stretched and flawless appearance. If the excess tissue is removed and the necessary operations are performed, it is completed by throwing aesthetic stitches. At the end of the process, the operation area is also drained to prevent fluid collection and bleeding. In the last step, dressing is performed, and all procedures related to the patient are completed. If there are no problems, the patient is discharged the next day.

Duration of Treatment

2-4 Hours


1 Day


1-2 Days


From 1.350 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

Pain may also occur in the area with the passing of the effect of anesthesia. To minimize discomfort, you should use painkillers recommended by your doctor. Besides, your doctor will also recommend antibiotics to prevent inflammation.

No need to remove stitches after the operation. Aesthetic Sewing is applied, and the stitches will melt on their own.

Arm aesthetics usually last between 1 and 3 hours.

Operation effects are permanent under normal conditions. If careless eating and excessive weight loss occur, sagging may happen again.