To have a thin facial structure and look visually flawless, you can resort to Bichectomy surgery. Technological developments reach severe levels, and with the services we offer with expert knowledge as Time Travel Aesthetic, it is much more possible for your cheeks to be flawless.

The face is one of the most critical areas that help people look visually flawless. Trying to eliminate the defects in this region aims to add beauty to your beauty. If you also want to eliminate the visual negativity in the cheek part, but you don’t know what method to resort to, all you have to do is take advantage of the Aesthetic benefits of Time Travel!

How To Apply Bichectomy?

Bichectomy is one of the precious options applied by individuals with a plump and round face structure. People with this facial structure are generally considered to look sympathetic and childish, while different practices are intended to be more feminine. Bichectomy operation is performed using other methods, while it is aimed to achieve a more feminine image. So, what are the methods that can be used to make your cheeks look better?

Agassi Method

By applying radio frequencies to the area located on the face and expressed as fat pillows, fat structures are reduced. It is necessary to say that this procedure, one of the most common options that come to mind when it comes to Bichectomy, provides thinning and tightening. There must be no traces in the Agassi method, which is a very successful option to capture the V-shaped facial structure.

Thanks to the Agassi method, the body’s collagen production is supported, while the skin’s elasticity is also increased. It would help if you remembered that valuable gains are waiting for you thanks to this application, which is especially important for removing wrinkles seen on the skin.

HIFU Method

One of the methods you will resort to when you want your cheek to thin is the HIFU option. Thanks to HIFU, excess fats in the cheek is broken down by focus ultrasound sound waves. The HIFU method, which is usually applied to cheek bloating seen in ageing or excessive weight gain, does not cause any negativity. Thanks to this application, which provides Bichectomy, the skin becomes more stretched and shiny. Because there is no sense of pain, the desired result is achieved in one session thanks to the highly preferred HIFU method.

Duration of Treatment

1-3 Hours


1 Day


2-4 Days


From 800 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

Agassi application can be applied for individuals with fat in the cheek part. For this reason, it is not possible to resort to this application for people who do not have fat on the cheek. Because of the lack of fat structure, no thinning process can be done. For individuals who are weak but have a fat filling on the cheek, it is clear that Agassi’s application will give very successful results.

Any surgical intervention is not resorted to in non-surgical thinning operations. Besides, because no application will harm the body, there is no adverse situation.

It would be best if you remembered that you could get more accurate results when you apply for non-surgical bichectomy procedures with the Time Travel Aesthetic privilege. Our experts, who support you with quality results, perform the most successful planning to get the right results. You can also resort to non-surgical bichectomy, relying on the quality of Time Travel Aesthetic.