Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Who wouldn’t want to have healthy smiles with dental implants? You can also resort to dental implants to protect your dental health and improve chewing performance.

Although dental health is one of the issues people care about most, tooth loss for various reasons affects vital functions. In case of lack of teeth, which are very important at the point of chewing, speaking, and participating in social life, loss of self-confidence is often encountered. Time Travel Aesthetic offers you the most successful applications and compensates for your dental losses to protect dental health!

All you have to do is stop by our clinic to have a new dental structure with time Travel Aesthetic, which offers you the most technological and modern options thanks to the dental implant application!

How Is Dental Implant Made?

For a dental implant, which is a great option that can be applied in tooth loss and deficiency, a preliminary examination of the patient is performed first. After the examination, the patient is prepared for the operation with local anesthesia. There are two options in the applications that will take place according to the doctor and patient’s preferences.

In applications known as a single-stage procedure, an implant is placed in the area where the patient experiences a lack of teeth, and a temporary cap is attached to this implant. In the other option, two-stage head, after the dental implant is inserted, the place where the application is performed is covered with ethyl, and recovery is expected. Both options aims to have permanent teeth for the patient while chewing and speech problems are eliminated. You can also regain your self-confidence with the dental implant, which prevents the loss of self-confidence caused by tooth loss.

Necessary Conditions to Have Dental Implants.

To have a dental implant, the patient must provide the necessary conditions. Otherwise, it will not be possible to apply for the implant due to dental problems.

  • Teeth adjacent to the area to be applied to the implant must be healthy,
  • For the Implant, the jaw structure must be healthy,
  • It is essential that the patient can devote enough time to the dental implant,
  • Smoking should be stopped,
  • There should be no inflammation in the mouth,
  • It is also essential that the implant is made with Time Travel Aesthetic quality and completed by experts.

You can also have brand-new teeth under these conditions.

Duration of Treatment

1-6 Hours






From 750 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply for Time Travel Aesthetic privilege to eliminate all the problems you have with your teeth. For exquisite preference for a dental implant, you need to check this treatment’s suitability for you. As a result of preliminary checks that will take place in our clinic, it is decided whether you are suitable for the treatment.

It is possible to achieve permanence with a dental implant. Because these teeth boil with the bone, they are prevented from experiencing any problems. Although dental implants are financially burdensome options, they are the most preferred applications of recent years due to their permanence.

There will be no difference between dental implants and your natural teeth. We can express that these teeth will be perfect options in terms of image and chewing performance. If you have also experienced tooth loss, you can apply for Dental Implants with Time Travel Aesthetic privilege. You can contact us for information about the applications and process.