Eyebrow Lift

Eyebrow Lift

Eyebrow lift is one of the most critical aesthetic interventions preferred for eliminating sagging seen with the effect of ageing on the human body. Because of ageing, the skin becomes looser, which leads to miscarriages in essential parts of the human body, such as eyebrows. The right intervention is necessary against eyebrow sagging, which causes an awful image visually and an obstacle to healthy living.

As Time Travel Aesthetic, we serve you with an understanding that prioritizes quality and produces solutions that meet the demands of your valuable patients. We allow you to look at life with a more smiling face because of sagging eyebrows, eliminating getting tired, nervous, or nervous.

How Is Eyebrow Lift Done?

If you want to make your eyebrows look straight and healthy, one of the most critical areas that affect your overall face image, all you have to do is resort to Time Travel Aesthetic privileges. We offer special applications from each other to your service to understand that brings quality to the forefront.

We produce solutions for you with five different eyebrow lifting applications in accordance with developing technological opportunities and changing patient demands. Here are valuable eyebrow lifting techniques and the privileges we offer you!

Botox Method

After performing preliminary projections, plastic surgeons apply Botox, and eyebrow correction procedures are offered without surgery options. This application, which is completed in an average of 10 minutes, results in a 6-month persistence. The most significant advantage of the BOTOX application, which should be performed two times a year, is that it does not cause any scars.


Also known as the Ultratherapy HIFU method, this application provides skin tightening. Completed at an average of 10 minutes, this application achieves a 3-month persistence. Since it is only performed by stretching the skin, it does not have permanent effects. Its most significant advantage is that it does not cause traces in a similar way to Botox.

Endoscopic Method

2-3 small holes in the scalp and one camera with this application’s help are provided to lift your eyebrows without causing bleeding and scars. An endoscopic method is very preferred for patients who recover quite quickly due to the absence of swelling. Long permanence is one of the most significant advantages.

Classical Method

Classic brow lifting, also known as Temple stretching, can cause hair loss in the sutures in the long-term due to stitches performed on the scalp. Besides, the fact that its persistence is not long causes the classical method to be less preferred.

Eyebrow Strap Method

It is an option performed with local anesthesia and allows the eyebrow to be fixed in the desired position with a suture’s help. For long-term persistence, it may be necessary to do it again between 6 months and two years. Although it is one of the most preferred methods, it is an application that needs to be decided in the company of our aesthetic experts.

Duration of Treatment

1-3 Hours






From 1.200 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

According to the lifting practices that you will apply to make your eyebrows more upright and flawless, the healing process differs. As Time Travel Aesthetic, we will ensure your recovery in the fastest way with our quality solutions.

You can get flawless results by deciding how much lift to perform on your eyebrows with Time Travel Aesthetic experts.

In aesthetic applications, there are operation solutions with different permanence. Persistence will vary depending on your characteristics and the type of application.