Eyelid Aesthetics

Eyelid Aesthetics

Eyelid aesthetics is one of the special operations performed to eliminate to sagging on people’s faces and eyelids with the effect of ageing. It is known that wrinkles and sagging are observed even in the 30s in individuals where ageing is felt very intensely due to genetic and environmental factors. The 50s with the eyelids age sagging to the point that no longer requires intervention makes eyelid aesthetics necessary.

Sagging on the lower and upper eyelids causes a bad image, as well as problems with self-confidence. Eyelid aesthetics are essential to eliminate this condition, which is not welcome by both women and men.

How Does Eyelid Aesthetics Occur?

As Time Travel Aesthetic, we strive hard to have a more successful face and gain your self-confidence. Eliminating sagging eyelids is quite simple, thanks to our experts’ quality perspectives and their experience in their field. We support you with lower eyelid and upper eyelid operations within our services framework that prioritize quality and high standards.
In upper eyelid operations, the area is numbed with local anesthesia, while the removal of sagging is achieved within 1 hour. It is aimed to provide tension in the eyelids in accordance with the planning carried out before the aesthetic operation. Extra effort is made to eliminate structures known as fat cushions. It is possible to get more successful results thanks to the planning of the patient’s eyelid condition.
In lower eyelid applications, the effects of ageing extend from the cheek to the eyelid. Bagging, usually seen in their 40s, causes people to have a visually unsuccessful composition. Lower eyelid aesthetics and sagging in this part of the removal of the best quality results in the name of successful services are signed.

Do you also want to eliminate the health problems you experience due to sagging eyelids with aesthetic applications? Then be prepared to take advantage of the exceptional options with the Aesthetic quality of Time Travel! In the services, we offer you, we give you great importance to have a facial structure that you desire while revealing personalized options.

Duration of Treatment

1-3 Hours






From 950 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

Eyelid surgery is a surgical procedure. For this reason, it is quite natural to have small marks. But thanks to the perfect solutions of our aesthetic experts, it is impossible to see incisions that correspond to the folds. It is almost impossible to distinguish the Trail 1 year after the operation.

There is as much risk as in almost all surgical operations. Our experts, who take the necessary measures to eliminate hazards, make great efforts to eliminate situations that may negatively affect your overall health.

Surgery on the eyelids is permanent for a long time unless a negative situation is encountered, depending on the patient’s living standards and environmental factors.

After the eyelids are expected to heal, it will be possible to perform daily routines. For this reason, patients have a rest period of 1-2 weeks as Time Travel Aesthetic is one of our recommendations.