A facelift is an aesthetic operation that eliminates aging seen in human life due to environmental and genetic factors.  Although it is mainly carried out with aesthetic concerns, this process is one of the sines qua non of life to step into a healthy tomorrow.

A facelift, widely preferred by women and men recently, is a critical practice that professionals must perform. The error/deficiency in this operation, which means radical changes in the face, which is the most visually important part of the human body, can have serious consequences. In this sense, Time Travel Aesthetic promises you a flawless facelift operation with quality and satisfaction-oriented services!

How Is A Face Lift Performed?

We bring a different perspective to facelift operations in Turkey with the Time Travel Aesthetic. We add beauty to your facial beauty with technological innovations and result-oriented methods while producing results that will meet our patients’ demands at the maximum level!

After examining the patients’ face area admitted to our clinic in detail, we conduct mutual discussions with the patient about the operation to be applied to the face. After agreeing on whether the stretching application will occur without surgery, surgery planning is performed. During planning, comparisons are made between the patient’s current condition and his youth’s face by looking at photos.

After computer projections about how the patient will face the operation, the facelift operation begins. One or 2-millimeter incisions are completed in stretching applications that occur without surgical intervention by our aesthetic specialists’ preferences and the patient’s demands. As a result of the operation, which ranges from 4 to 7 hours, the patient’s desired result is obtained. For the face to take its final shape after the procedure, it is necessary to recover fully.

Attention Before Face Lift Operation

Although it is known as an aesthetic operation, you should pay attention to the following considerations before face lifting, which is a necessary application for a healthy facial structure. In this way, a positive contribution can be made to the outcome of the operation.

  • Although a surgical application is not performed, it is necessary to avoid the use of blood thinners before the operation due to small incisions,
  • Smoking and alcohol use, which negatively affect the operation, should be stopped at least one week before,
  • Makeup and other elements found on the face should be removed before application,
  • Advice and recommendations of experts should be followed, and all practices that may interfere with the operation should be avoided.

Attention After Face Lift Operation

After the facelift operation is completed, it will be possible for the patient to achieve the desired result only after the recovery phase. It is possible for patients who will pay attention to the rules that must be followed in this process to recover faster. If you also plan to perform a facelift, you should pay close attention to the following issues after the operation.

  • Do not worry about swelling and bruising on the face after the operation. Swelling and bruises are natural results that will pass in about 1 Week,
  • To accelerate healing, attention should be paid to have the head above the heart level,
  • After facelift application, a mask should be worn for one week, allowing rapid healing,
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol use, as this will interfere with the healing process,
  • Do not be directly exposed to the sun’s rays until the sensitivity on the face is over.

Duration of Treatment

2-6 Hours


1-2 Day


1 Week


From 2.900 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

A facelift is suitable for anyone who has severe sagging on the face and does not have a health problem that prevents a facelift operation after a general examination. The patient’s history and the drugs used are analyzed in detail when checking whether patients are suitable for the procedure.

A scar will likely remain on the face after applying a facelift. But with proper planning, a raw percentage image is created by ensuring that the permission is matched to areas that will not appear. As Time Travel Aesthetic, we guarantee that there will be no negative image on the trail.

It is possible that bruises and swelling will disappear entirely within ten days after the operation. It can take two months for the patient to recover and get the desired result fully. In the name of accelerating recovery, it is crucial to follow the recommendations of Time Travel Aesthetic experts.

After the operation, you can start performing your daily routines by completing a 2-3-week recovery period. But you should get information from Time Travel Aesthetic experts about sports.