Genital Aesthetics

What Is Genital Aesthetics?

Genital aesthetics is an aesthetic operation specially offered for women. As important and valuable as appearance is for a woman, other places in her body are just as important. We can understand how critical genital aesthetics can be, mostly when it is assumed that women prioritize aesthetic concerns and consider these aesthetic concerns about self-confidence. As a result of the smooth aesthetic operations applied to the Genital area and success, women’s self-confidence also increases, and they can also be much happier in their relationship with the opposite sex.

You can also minimize the effect of deformations in your genital area by choosing various aesthetics of the genital area. As Time Travel Aesthetic, we offer you the genital area aesthetic service performed by experts in this field. For detailed information, you can contact us to make the most of our services.

How Is Genital Aesthetics Done?

There are several types of aesthetic operations applied to the vagina. We can express them as follows.


The lips, called the Labium, are plump and thick parts that make up the external genital area and small lips located further inland. This area sages over time due to various reasons. These sagging, which cause a bad image, irritate people. For example, a puffy form in a woman wearing a bikini can occur in a bad appearance in the genital area. Besides, during sexual intercourse, the lips close the entrance, causing painful intercourse. With labioplasty, the elongated and sagging lips are shortened and shaped.


This aesthetic, known as vaginal aesthetics, can be performed surgically or with a laser. Over time, a disorder of the vagina can also occur due to childbirth or different causes. In this way, conditions negatively affect people. It allows you to narrow and rejuvenate vaginal tissues with vaginoplasty. It is possible to narrow it too quickly with the laser method. Besides, the vaginal narrowing can be performed with radiofrequency waves.

Removal Of Postpartum Tear Marks

During a vaginal delivery, an episiotomy is performed so that the baby’s head can comfortably exit the vagina. That, in turn, is the application of an incision to the area. If these incisions are not repaired and stitched with wrong stitches, the vagina may become disfigured, and an ugly appearance may occur. That is a condition that makes women seriously unhappy. By merely removing scar tissue, the tissue can be stitched back correctly.

Mons Pubis Plumping

It is the process of plumping the upper parts of the vagina and lip area by injection method.

Duration of Treatment

1-3 Hours


0-1 Day


0-1 Day


From 1.900 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the method applied, sexual intercourse should not be performed for 4-5 weeks.

Although it varies from person to person, individuals can experience pain while sitting until they fully recover.

Yes, You can use painkillers.

Your doctor will make various dressing recommendations. By making these applications, you can prevent infection in the area.