What Is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia, also known as gynecomastia, is a procedure that is applied due to excessive growth in the male breast.

Because of excessive weight gain or hereditary reasons, men’s breasts may have a much larger and fatty tissue than they should be. This fatting, which should be in the female anatomy but is an uncomfortable appearance for men, can profoundly affect individuals’ social lives. At this point, men who are uncomfortable with their breasts’ growth resort to a surgical operation to get rid of this appearance. That is also referred to as gynecomastia, that is, Gynecomastia. So, how is gynecomastia performed?

How Is Gynecomastia Performed?

There are two techniques used for gynecomastia performed under anesthesia. These techniques are as follows.

Classic Gynecomastia

In classic gynecomastia surgery, the fat contained in patients’ breast tissue is removed with specific incisions. The doctor determines incisions according to the abundance of adipose tissue in the breast. In this method, traces remain in the body, and the recovery time is extended. The most significant advantage is that the result can be seen immediately after the operation.

Liposuction Method

Another method used in surgery is liposuction. Also known as closed gynecomastia, this method can also remove excess adipose tissue without any traces and without creating large incisions in the area. In the breast, holes are opened that are large enough for small cannulas to pass through. Fat tissues are removed with the help of these holes. After the application is finished, the problem in the breast is not solved immediately. One month after the application, we can express that the pain has completely disappeared.

Duration of Treatment

1-3 Hours


1 Day


2 Days


From 1.350 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

The healing process of the Applied area varies according to the method used. Classic gynecomastia can also find complete recovery of 1 month, while in the liposuction method, recovery occurs after a short period of 1 Week.

After an open gynecomastia operation, the scar remains. But this trail gets its only color over time. The liposuction method does not leave any marks.

After the operation, the area should not be showered for 3-4 days not to get infected with germs. Time Travel Aesthetic experts will tell you which day you can take a shower as a result of their examination.

Yes, the results are entirely permanent. With the operation, the adipose tissue in the area is completely removed. For this reason, there is no spontaneous fatting in the place where the procedure is performed. But if there is an excess weight gain, fat growth can also occur in the region.

There are no scientific studies that gynecomastia causes cancer.

After the operation, there is pain. Pain is greater, especially in open gynecomastia. But it is possible to minimize the effect of pain with medications that your doctor will recommend.

Aesthetic sewing is performed during the gynecomastia. Therefore, the stitches do not need to be removed, and the stitches melt on their own.

The duration of removal of bandages varies depending on the healing state of the region. Time Travel Aesthetic doctors will make the right decision about this issue.