Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplantation

Many people experience the problem of poor hair growth or hair loss due to improper nutrition or stress. Hair loss causes baldness, especially in men, creating an uncomfortable appearance. At Time Travel Aesthetic, we help you solve this problem with the FUE technique when you are not satisfied with your hair’s density and wish for fuller hair. FUE technique; is the process of removing hair follicles, called follicular units in medical terminology, individually with microsurgical tools measuring 0.75 – 1.00 mm in diameter without using a surgical cutter and planting them individually with professional care without cutting the hairless area again.

FUE method shaves the area to be taken for hair transplantation. Hair follicles can be removed from the scalp on the head and from any other area of the body. Hair follicles are handled in a rotary motion with a special hypodermic needle and placed in a cooled culture medium for storage. All follicles should be sorted by growth direction. That will then provide a natural look and the best result. For transplantation, small holes should be drilled into the skin. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia to keep the amount of pain as minimal as possible. The result will be natural and permanent hair growth.

Beard Transplant

A beard is as important an accessory as hair for a man in terms of aesthetic appearance. If hormone therapy does not give results, the only definitive and permanent leathery treatment is beard transplantation. Beard transplantation is a solution for men who face the problem of very sparse beardedness and problems such as wounds, burns, surgical scars, ringworm, scattered and sparse beard in the beard area. From the age of 20, when hormones reach the ideal level, every man can have a beard transplant. With beard transplantation, you can get natural-looking permanent beards.

Beard transplantation is technically a similar operation to hair transplantation. Grafts taken from the nape area or the area between the two ears, where the person’s genetically least shed hair or even in many men never shed hair follicles using the FUE technique, are carefully placed one by one into the channels opened in the beard area. Since local anesthesia is applied to the beard area before the operation, the person does not feel pain during the procedure.

Hair usually grows in one direction, while beards come out at 30-40 degree angles. For this reason, in order to achieve a natural appearance with beard transplantation, the procedure must be performed by an experienced doctor. You can count on Time Travel Aesthetic experts for this.

Duration of Treatment

6-8 Hours






From 1.100 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

FUT hair transplant technique shows apparent disadvantages compared to the FUE hair transplantation technique and has not been used since the FUE technique appeared. The reason for this can be summarized as long-term nape pain in people who have undergone hair transplant surgery by the FUT method, numbness in the head area, suture scar, Dimple appearance at the bottom of the hair in the transplanted place, and problems such as an angular, disproportionately vertical extension of the transplanted hair.

Hair transplantation is a minimal procedure, and you do not need to stay in the clinic for a long time. You can plan a holiday for yourself before and after the treatment, until the care examination. Time Travel Aesthetic experts will give you instructions and advice on what to do and don’t do.

Hair and beard transplantation is performed under local anesthesia. Even if you are very sensitive to pain, you will feel nothing but small needle stings. After the operation, you can continue your healing process with painkillers that our experts recommend.

Whether the FUE method is suitable for your condition depends on your hair condition. Our hair transplant specialists will clarify which method will bring the best result for you by discussing it with you in advance. For this, you need to get detailed information by sending us detailed photos of the area where you want to have a hair transplant.