Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile

How about having a better-quality smile with the operation is known as Hollywood smile or Hollywood smile?

As a result of aesthetic practices inspired by Hollywood stars, teeth are ensured to have a perfect sequence. Hollywood smile, one of the applications that we value very much as Time Travel Aesthetic, is also one of the options that will make your teeth line up like Pearl grains. If you want your teeth to be flawless due to applications performed as a smile design, we recommend that you apply to the quality of Time Travel aesthetics.

With our staff specializing in teeth, you will get the smile that Hollywood stars have. All you have to do to check whether you are eligible for this app is to get information from Time Travel Aesthetic experts.

What can be achieved with a Hollywood Smile?

If you want your smile to be successfully designed with the Hollywood Smile app, you should get support for specific issues related to your smile. Remember that you can also apply the knowledge of Time Travel Aesthetic experts to get clear answers about this! The transformation that will occur in your dental structure with a Hollywood smile will be as follows;

  • The upper molars should also appear during the smile,
  • The upper front teeth must be structurally smooth,
  • If the filling is performed on the upper teeth, the filling should not occur,
  • The upper incisors must be prominent and front,
  • Lower incisors should appear during laughter,
  • The upper gum should appear up to a maximum of 2 mm during a smile,
  • Lips need to stand symmetrically,
  • Lip width should be half the size of the face.

Take action and take advantage of Time Travel Aesthetic privileges to have all these flawless features!

What Are the Advantages of Hollywood Smile?

There are valuable advantages that can be achieved through this application, which can also be considered a smile design. You can also take action to capture these advantages. Here are those extraordinary privileges!

  • Aesthetic and symmetrical appearance of your teeth is ensured,
  • The image of teeth and gums are moved to a perfect point,
  • An energetic image is obtained thanks to the tooth structure compatible with the face,
  • Eliminates self-confidence problems caused by oral and dental problems,
  • Thanks to a perfect smile, a face structure as flashy as celebrities are revealed.

All you have to do to capture all these benefits are to take advantage of Time Travel Aesthetic privileges. Time Travel Aesthetic offers you the most accurate service with its experts who prioritize quality.

Duration of Treatment

4-6 Hours






From 4.180 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

To have a great smile with a Hollywood Smile, you first need to undergo a general dental examination. Immediately after the examination, which will occur with the quality of Time Travel Aesthetic, general planning is done for the success of the application. Since it is not very accurate to generalize, suitable for Hollywood smile, we recommend that you be examined at our clinic.

During the operation, extra efforts are made to avoid facing negativity. Necessary measures are taken before and during the process to prevent possible complications. With Time Travel Aesthetic quality, you can be sure that you will not have any problems with the apps that will take place.