Lip Lift

Lip Lift

The lip lift is the process by which individuals who are dissatisfied with their upper lip have a more flamboyant lip through a surgical operation. It is possible to get perfect image thanks to this option, which can also be considered the correct positioning and quality design of the upper lip, one of the most critical parts of the face area.

As Time Travel Aesthetic, we aim to offer you perfect face thanks to our expert perspective and valuable solutions. For your lips get the desired image, we show maximum sensitivity, while with the recommendations of our experts, we move your lips to a higher quality point.

How Is Lip Lift Performed?

If you are not satisfied with your lips and want to have a more flashy structure by resorting to surgical procedures in this regard, you should use the expertise of Time Travel Aesthetic.

For your lip to have the desired shape, planning is done primarily with 3-dimensional designs. After determining how to follow the path after the operation, the application begins with local anesthesia. Then, with a small incision, the tissue that is seen as excess is lifted. The process is completed by sewing so that the incision is not visible.

Great sensitivity is shown to avoid scars during surgery. In this application, where filler can also be used for women who want a plump lip, a solution suitable for patient demands is produced. According to the point of view of time Travel Aesthetic experts, the healing process after the operation should be carefully maintained.

Healing Process After Lip Lift

After the lip lift, a healing process of 5 to 7 days awaits you. During the healing process, you should avoid applications that will strain your lip. For three days after the operation, the swelling can usually be met. To increase the patient’s comfort, the stitches carefully lifted by time Travel Aesthetic experts are a harbinger of the realization of daily routines.

What results are achieved with Angel Lip Lift?

Angel lip lifting will be the right option for you if you are not satisfied with your lip structure and want to get a definitive solution to this issue. Moreover, you will be very happy with this application with the privileges listed below.

The distance between the upper lip and the nose is shortened,

It is possible to pull up the vermillion line located on the upper lip,

The red line on the upper lip is extended,

The proportion between the upper and lower lip is moved to a perfect point.

Duration of Treatment

1-2 Hours






From 590 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

If you think the fullness on your lips is not enough, you should contact time Travel Aesthetic experts. Our experts, who will offer you the most successful options with quality solutions, will tell you whether your lip is suitable for this procedure after the necessary checks. Once you know that your lip structure is ideal for this application, you can start experiencing the privilege of time Travel Aesthetics.

Lip lifting operations and lip plumping operations are different from each other. Although various fillers are used in lip plumping procedures, such applications are not preferred in lip lifting.

Facelifts and lip lifts can likely be performed together. The success of these two applications, which can be combined as combined applications, is very high.