Neck Lift

What Is A Neck Lift?

A neck lift is an aesthetic operation applied to individuals who have sagging in the neck area and has recently become quite popular. Neck deformity can occur due to factors such as age, stress, psychological factors. These deformations cause people to feel bad and affect their social life. Fatting and wrinkles on the neck are also among the deformations mentioned. Fat accumulation occurs due to weight gain in the neck area, popularly known as Tickle. In case of weight loss, skin sages, and an uncomfortable appearance appears. This condition, which occurs in both women and men, can be eliminated by aesthetic operations.

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How Is A Neck Lift Performed?

There are two methods applied in neck lift operation. These methods are used according to the condition of the patients and decided by the doctor. Neck aesthetics are also applied together with a facelift operation.  Besides, if excess fat tissue is in the tickle area, it is necessary to remove the excess fat first. In this, liposuction is performed. We can detail the methods used in neck aesthetics as follows.

Classic Neck Lift Operation

It is applied in case of excessive deformity of the skin, sagging, and many wrinkles. In classical neck aesthetics, approximately 2 cm incision is made from the lower part of the jaw. It is possible to reach the tissues located in the lower part of the jaw through these incisions. In this way, the fats contained here are taken. That, in turn, allows you to perform recovery and stretching operations on the neck.

Hanging Method

One of the methods used in neck lifting operation is the hanging method. Hanging materials are used in the hanging method. Incisions made with these materials are inserted in and placed in the area. The thorny protrusions also hold the tissues in the hanging materials, and when the tissues are pulled up, the neck is stretched. In line with these processes, sagging also occurs. But the hanger method is insufficient to remove the fat contained in the tickle area.

Duration of Treatment

2-4 Hours


1 Day


2 Days


From 2.400 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

People can return to work within 1 to 10 days after the operation. But during this time, the neck must be protected from impact. Swelling may occur in the neck area for up to 3 weeks.

After the operation, a small scar may remain inside the scalp. But these scars will soon pass.

Pain may occur after the operation. You can use effective painkillers to relieve these pains.

The effect of the hanging technique is up to 6 months. But the impact of classic neck aesthetics is much longer. Sagging can occur again for reasons such as weight gain and aging. In this case, the operation may need to be repeated.