Orthodontics is the general name of the treatments performed to find a solution to dental perplexity, which is the most critical dentistry problem. These applications, which are referenced because the teeth are not correctly lined up in the mouth or come out in the wrong place, meet you with the quality of time Travel Aesthetic.

Dental health is one of the most critical issues affecting human life, while the perplexity of teeth negatively affects health and social life. Orthodontic treatment is the solution for individuals who have problems with their peers due to the irregular arrangement of teeth. Thanks to the treatment in question, the structure of the teeth is moved to a perfect point. Besides, it is aimed to eliminate embedded dental problems. As Time Travel Aesthetic, we deliver you the most successful solutions with our quality and solution-oriented treatments.

Why Is Orthodontic Treatment Needed?

Orthodontic treatment allows you to solve problems related to the arrangement of teeth while eliminating issues associated with the lower and upper jaw position. Disorders that occur in the jaw since the use of a pacifier or bottle is too much in children’s ages also lead to health problems in the long term. Time Travel Aesthetic experts ensure flawless results by resorting to the necessary practices to eliminate these problems.

In the case of dental problems, orthodontic treatment practices, popularly known as braces, are applied. This application, which makes the teeth look beautiful, prevents possible caries due to residues that may accumulate between the teeth. In this way, it is possible to have a more attractive appearance and healthier teeth.

To Whom Is Orthodontic Treatment Applied?

Early detection is very valuable for taking measures related to tooth perplexity and jaw problems. Early diagnosis speeds up the healing process, as well as affects getting quality results. Although there are no restrictions on the application, in this case, it is necessary to resort to orthodontic treatment with a dental check that will take place at the age of 7.

While more successful results are obtained in applications performed up to 12, it is possible to eliminate the position disorder in the teeth with Time Travel Aesthetic quality in the next process. The most important conditions for this treatment are good dental health and the absence of any state of inflammation.

Duration of Treatment

Depending on complexity






From 3.520 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

Eliminating perplexity in teeth is essential for oral and dental health and for individuals experiencing loss of self – confidence to socialize. You can also resort to orthodontic treatments to address the problems you have with your teeth and have a healthy dental structure. It should also be noted that tooth decay will occur if the teeth’ irregularity is not eliminated.

The perplexity observed in your teeth may recur if it is not treated according to the doctor’s recommendations. For this reason, after treatment, various applications are applied for protective purposes. You should follow these practices in consultation with Time Travel Aesthetic physicians.

The use of apparatus is one of the most critical applications applied after orthodontic treatment. Thanks to this application, teeth are provided to maintain the form obtained in therapy. As long as the apparatus is used according to Time Travel Aesthetic experts’ recommendations, quality results can be obtained. For this reason, we recommend that you take into account the warnings of our experts throughout the process.