Teeth Bleaching

Teeth Bleaching

Teeth Bleaching is a critical practice that allows you to whiten teeth that change color from the outside or inside due to various reasons. This application, which allows teeth to have a white appearance, also manages to maintain dental health.

As Time Travel Aesthetic, we care very much about ensuring that your teeth have a healthy and flawless appearance. While we can resort to the latest and technological methods in teeth Bleaching applications, which are an essential part of dental health, we also take advantage of options that will bring quality to the forefront. We help you with different techniques in Bleaching processes that ensure healthy teeth as well as visuals.

Why Apply Teeth Bleaching?

Although teeth are elements that people use for nutrition and healthy speech, it may be possible that the teeth turn yellow or turn different colors from time to time. It is known that problems, also expressed as coloration, are seen in 2 different ways. Elimination of these conditions in the form of internal coloration and external coloration is very valuable.

Internal Coloration

The coloration occurs in the dentin located in the part of the teeth under the enamel layer. The use of drugs that will cause discoloration of the teeth in childhood is effective in internal coloration. Besides, mothers’ use of antibiotics during pregnancy can cause internal coloring in the structure of children’s teeth. In internal coloration problems, the color removing can occur very slowly, and, naturally, it does not occur at all.

External Coloration

The coloration that occurs on the enamel layer of the teeth is called external coloration. We can say that this problem, which occurs due to eating habits, can be exacerbated by increasing tea, coffee, and cola consumption. For this problem, we recommend that you take advantage of the time Travel Aesthetic privileges.

How Is Teeth Bleaching Performed?

It should be known that the methods applied are critical when the Teeth Bleaching process is performed with the privileges of the Time Travel Aesthetic. In this sense, soft tissues are first isolated. After the necessary isolation process is completed, the gel is applied, and the teeth are whitened. It is known that the operation is performed until the desired whiteness is achieved. These practices, performed with repeated sessions, are usually performed against external coloration.

Duration of Treatment

1 Hour






From 265 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your teeth’ state of discoloration, you should resort to Bleaching your teeth at different frequencies. In this sense, the most important thing to do is to keep the teeth in constant care. As Time Travel Aesthetic, we make all our efforts in the name of flawless processes while ensuring healthy Bleaching of your teeth.

The methods used to whiten teeth differ according to tooth coloring and physician preferences. For this reason, the doctor decides the process that will be applied about tooth Bleaching, not the patient himself. If you also want to whiten your teeth, you can have perfect tooth cleaning by contacting Time Travel aesthetic.

People who want to resort to teeth Bleaching do not need to have any characteristics. If you want your teeth to be healthy and look white, you can contact Time Travel aesthetic and get the whiteness you want. You should have no reservations about this and trust time Travel Aesthetic experts.

If you cause your teeth to turn yellow for various reasons, you should resort to teeth Bleaching. As Time Travel Aesthetic, we support you to whiten your teeth at regular intervals!