Thigh Lift

What Is A Thigh Lift?

Thigh lift operation is an aesthetic operation applied to prevent deformations occurring in the thigh area of individuals. If you want to take advantage of this type of procedure and eliminate deformations in your thigh area, you are at the right address. In our clinic, professional and specialized doctors operate in this field and provide excellent services. If you have various deformations in your thigh area and want to get rid of these deformations, you can contact us for detailed information!

We mentioned that there might be sagging and disorders in the thigh area due to different factors. The operations applied to eliminate these disorders are called the thigh stretching process. Factors such as rapid and excessive weight loss and aging cause the loss of the skin’s elastic structure. According to these factors, the skin deteriorates. This problem, which usually occurs in women, is solved in a short period with thigh aesthetics.

How Is Thigh Lift Performed?

A thigh lift is an operation performed under general anesthesia. Before the procedure, the patient is examined in detail, and the accumulated fat and sagging skin in the thigh area are examined. At this stage, the patient’s expectations are listened to, and appropriate planning is carried out.

Time Travel Aesthetic professional doctors plan a correction operation related to this condition, which prevents aesthetic appearance and bothers individuals physically and psychologically. Sages, fatting in the leg part can be corrected with a thigh lift operation. The operation usually takes up to 2 hours. The procedure’s primary goal is to remove the adipose tissue in the area and restore the area to a perfect appearance. Incisions are made from the area starting from the groin part of the patient and extending to the thigh’s inner part, and excess skin found in the adipose tissue under the skin is removed. In this direction, the operation is carried out.

Duration of Treatment

2-4 Hours


1 Day


1-2 Days


From 1.750 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Thigh aesthetics can be performed for people who do not have any health problems.

Yes, Men who wish can have a thigh aesthetic.

After the operation, pain, swelling, and bruising occur in the area. These pain, swelling, and bruises will go away within a few days. It is possible to accelerate the healing process with dressing applications.

After the operation, heavy work should not be done to move the legs for at least one month. It is also recommended to avoid intense movements for up to 1 Week.